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The Discerning Leader podcast is for Christian leaders who are interested in discovering the joy of “practicing a preference for God” in all aspects of their personal lives and relationships, their leadership and service to others.

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Oct 1, 2020

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: Suz Skinner

"We need to give ourselves permission to become childlike and enjoy the wonder, awe, and joy of playfulness." -Suz Skinner

How easy it is to forget the invitation to become like a child if we are to truly experience the kingdom of God. We tend to be more like productivity machines, maximizing the use of each available hour, filling them with noise, activity, and effectiveness. Instead, what brings God delight is when we are childlike, focusing on who we are and who we are becoming in Christ. Playfulness is a fitting antidote to our culture and an invitation to an abundant life in Jesus. Giving ourselves permission to play will release our oft-hidden humility, contentment and joy.

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