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The Discerning Leader podcast is for Christian leaders who are interested in discovering the joy of “practicing a preference for God” in all aspects of their personal lives and relationships, their leadership and service to others.

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Oct 22, 2020

Host: Steve Macchia

“What does it mean to love one another, to be the body of Christ, the family of God, preferring one another in Christ?” - Steve Macchia

Becoming a healthy church includes our compassion toward one another as members of the body of Christ. Ideally, by creating a culture of grace where love for God and each other reigns supreme. When we prioritize the betterment of others, we exhibit the "one another’s" of the Scriptures, loving, serving, forgiving, and praying for one another. Jesus models this in the washing of his disciples’ feet and invites us to do likewise: learning and growing in community, with loving and caring relationships, serving others in unity and devotion to the family of God.

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