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The Discerning Leader podcast is for Christian leaders who are interested in discovering the joy of “practicing a preference for God” in all aspects of their personal lives and relationships, their leadership and service to others.

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Jul 6, 2020

Host: Steve Macchia, Guest: David Vryhof

We live in an incredibly noisy world. Distractions abound, vying for our attention all throughout our days. Choosing a subversive, counter-cultural pursuit of exterior and interior silence is what separates a discerning leader from society’s norm. Silence and solitude is where we hear the whisper of God, enveloping us with love and affection. It’s the place where Jesus often was found, before the sun rose or late in the evening, discerning the loving voice of the Father.

Finding our way to interior stillness is a great challenge but an even more significant reward.

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